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How do I host a private match?

Accounts that have the Pro and Premium plans can host a private match. Sign up for Membership and send an invite to your friends!

How do I join a private match?

Anyone can join a private match if they receive an invite link. No signup or membership required!

How is my payment being processed?

We use Stripe to process your payment. It's the same payment provider used by products such as Udemy, Lyft, and Patreon. We do not handle your credit card information directly and it's never stored on our servers.

How can I get a receipt?

Visit the Membership page and click on "Edit subscription & payment details" to open the payment portal. From there you can download all invoices for past payments.

Who made this game?

The game was made by two passionate indie developers. See the about page for more info. Or get in touch with us on the contact page.