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How to play Hide & Seek World?

Game Modes

Join a Game

Choose from one of the three game modes. You can hide, seek, and compete! Join a random match or host a game and play hide and seek with your friends.

Guess Geography

Guess Geography

What country am I in? You'll be shown a street view of the hider's location. Look for clues like street signs, vegetation & county flags etc. to find the hider. Explore the earth and play a game of hide and seek online.

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Most Points Win

Collect points, win games, unlock Geo Spirits, rise up the leaderboards and learn geography all at the same time! if you want to see more.


Every month, the Top 3 players on the monthly leaderboard win the Legendary Map Spirit The Map Spirit is a very rare spirit, only awarded to our top players 🏅

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Game Modes

Classic Hide 'N Seek

Classic Hide 'N Seek

Find your friends in different countries and explore the world with Google Street View!

Players2 - 20
Casual Silly Fun
find wolly

Find Wolly

Wolly is our cheeky, lovable mascot who loves to play hide and seek. Compete against others to find him!

Players2 - 20
Competitive with Friends
king of the world match

King of the World

Massive multiplayer mode with up to 100 players in one room! Can you rise to the top and become king of the world?

Players2 - 100
Massive Competitive
world streaks ios game

World Streaks 📱

Playing hide n seek on the go? Download our iOS game World Streaks and play anytime, anywhere! Guess the country and see how long of a streak you can achieve!

Download on the
App Store

Who plays Hide & Seek World?

Game Modes


We make geography fun! Play with random people or invite your friends. We have tools for hosting a match that make streaming a breeze. Check out Twitch for some recent streams! If you are looking for games like GeoGuessr, you're in the right place as well!;)

Guess Geography


Take your classroom to the next level with engaging Geography games. With game room capacity large enough to accommodate your entire class, keep your geography lessons fun and fresh with Hide & Seek World.

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Remote Teams

Build an amazing team culture by engaging with Geography. No matter where your team is around the world, connect by playing Hide & Seek World at your next virtual team meeting!


How do I host a private match?

Accounts that have the Pro and Premium plans can host a private match. Sign up for Membership and send an invite to your friends! Memberships come with additional benefits like unlimited games, free geo spirits, XP & essence (our in-game currency) bonus.

How do I join a private match?

Anyone can join a private match if they receive an invite link. No signup or membership required.

How is my payment being processed?

We use Stripe to process your payment. It's the same payment provider used by products such as Udemy, Lyft, and Patreon. We do not handle your credit card information directly and it's never stored on our servers.

How can I get a receipt?

Visit the Membership page and click on "Edit subscription & payment details" to open the payment portal. From there you can download all invoices for past payments.

Who made this game?

The game was made by two passionate indie developers. See the about page for more info. Or get in touch with us on the contact page.

How to play hide and seek world?

Rules for hide and seek world are quite simple, check out our how to play section for more info. Or just now. 1-2 games and you'll get the hang of it!