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New Game Mode: King of the World

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Author: Ray Molla

Published: Nov 3 2022

Excited to announce we have launched our new game mode King of the World. This is a massive multiplayer game mode that was inspired by

The goal of the game is simple, become the king of the world! However, this is much harder then it looks, as you might be competing with up to 100 players and you only have 3 lives to achieve this 😮

How it Works ✅

  1. First you join a room with up to 100 players 👥👥

  2. Guess locations around the world and get points. The more points you have the higher up the rankings you go! 💯

  3. You start with 3 lives, and lives are lost for bad guesses. Avoid getting a Far Off, Super Far, or Way Off at all costs! Have a look at this blog post or your dashboard to understand the guess accuracy grades.


  1. As you go up the rankings, it gets trickier due to reduced amount of time to guess and less map movement. Keep an eye out for what’s to be expected in the next turn so you don’t lose a life! ❤️


  1. You can challenge other players in the room! You’re able to do this once your challenge meter is full


  1. After entering a challenge, you can select one of the top players in the room. You must challenge the player's previous guess including what guess settings they had. Win the challenge if you manage to beat their guess! Each challenge has different guess settings and prizes 🎁


  1. If you lose all your lives, you can always try again! The room is continuous and never ending. Can you become King of the World? 👑

Want some tips that can help you get there? Check out our Geoguessing Tips post!

Happy Hide & Seeking!

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