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Geo Spirit Update is Out!

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Author: Ray Molla

Published: May 7 2022

The new Geo Spirit update has been long overdue and now allows Hide & Seek World players to unlock geography-themed unlockable characters! There are now more than 42 Geo Spirits to Capture πŸ”₯

Every player will start off with the following 5 Common Geo Spirits:


However, there are secret Geo Spirits with increasing levels of rarity that can be unlocked! Can you capture them all? πŸ‘‘

How is a Geo Spirit Captured?

From the user Dashboard you can offer essence Γ« to capture a Geo Spirit. Essence is something new to Hide & Seek World, depending on how well you played at the end of each game, you'll be able to collect some essence! πŸ’―

Capturing a Geo Spirit currently costs 100 ë. Depending on your luck, you may be able to capture a Super Rare Spirit! 🌟


Once a Geo Spirit is captured, you can view it’s properties by clicking on your Avatar in the Dashboard.

What can I do with a Geo Spirit?

Currently you can show off your Geo Spirits in your player avatar β†’ do this by selecting your Geo Spirit within the dashboard or game setup!

Geo Spirits may also come with exciting new benefits - Keep your eyes peeled! πŸ‘€

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Happy Hide & Seeking!